Sunday 5 February 2012

World Happy Day!

Well, wasn't this a good time to start a blog about all things happy! It's World Happy Day this coming Saturday and I've just bought myself a ticket to a screening of the film 'Happy' in London via Action for Happiness.

I've also discovered a whole load of courses and retreats and all sorts and am having to exercise extreme self control and not book myself onto all of them...I am already very aware that overloading myself and trying to do too much all at once is one of the things that very certainly does not help in the old happiness stakes! No matter how much of a good idea it seems at the time.

Actually, its not self restraint, it's my new friend intuition. I've ignored him for many years but am beginning to discover what a useful ally he can be when it comes to making decisions...and not regretting them afterwards.

So, panic buying and overloading = no friend of happiness
intuition = big friend of happiness

Anyway, what will you be doing to mark World Happy Day?

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