Saturday 4 February 2012

Get Happy

So, my first post is about The Muppets!

Well, not really, it's about  what's splashed in big yellow letters all over this week’s Time Out London as part of a big Muppets promo.

‘Good times guaranteed with our gloom-busting guide to feeling great’ is the promise of the sub-heading.

So eagerly, having an interest in all things happiness related, I flick to page 12 to see what’s in store.

But I’m disappointed.

Not because they don’t have a whole raft of fun filled activities to cater for all tastes. They do, there’s all sorts from magic shops to comedy shows to singing, cake making and all manner of jolly, joyous and bonkers things to do.  Undeniably fun stuff... in fact I've already signed up to a few of them!

What’s disappointing though  is they promise 78 things to make you happy...not 78 things that will be fun.

And I think there’s a difference. A big difference.

The pursuit of one will likely have us rushing from comedy show to cakemaking class wondering why we can’t quite find or hold on to the other

When really, there is only one thing that will make you happy.

And that’s you.

But I guess that doesn’t make for such a fun Time Out feature!

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