Tuesday 21 February 2012

bounce, bounce

In an attempt to kid myself that I would be keeping fit and active whilst up with the in laws this week, I crammed my mini trampoline into the back of the car as we set off. Alex, bless him, remained silent as I did so but I can imagine what was going through his mind.  This, by the way, is nothing.  A few years ago my mum and I drove to the South of France, and I managed to ram the trampoline into the car then too. My mum was not so silent on this matter.

Not terribly surprisingly, I didn't find any time between baguette munching, vin quaffing and chateaux admiring to use my trampoline whilst in France. But, times have a changed and boy did I make up for it the other night.

Alex decided to go for a run. This makes me jealous. I can't run (not as in I physically can't, as in my lower back condition means I shouldn't). So while Alex gets to run along with the wind in his hair, getting fresh air, a burst of energy, clearing the cobwebs...you get the drift, I get to sit on the sofa.

Well, not anymore! Out went Alex and out came the trampoline. I found a little secluded spot at the end of the garden, stuck my headphones in and off I went.

For anybody who has never tried trampolining, you are missing out! It is impossible not to smile, nay grin inanely from ear to ear whilst leaping about on it.  There is something so ridiculously liberating about bouncing up and down to your hearts content, and bouncing about outside (cue more cliches about wind in hair etc) added a whole other dimension to the proceedings. I can't begin to imagine what the neighbours thought, but hopefully it made them smile too! Actually, Alex can't help but smile whenever he's watched me doing it so there's an added benefit of spreading the cheer here too.

Alex also tells me that 10 minutes on the trampoline is actually equal to a 30 minute run in exercise terms. Plus it's apparently super good at cellulite blasting and since it's low impact it's all good on the back. So what's not to love?

Everybody knows that exercise is a mood enhancer, this is not news, but I honestly can't think of any other exercise that has left not only my bodily muscles aching from the workout, but also my facial ones aching from all the smiling to boot!

I just loved it and can't wait to get back on and do it again, especially when I next need cheering up.

Give it a go!

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