Saturday 19 January 2013

A tale of two seeds

Once upon a time there lay two little, brown seeds in the rich, lush soil.

The first seed said:  

"What shall we do? It is so dark in here. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I'm scared.  What will happen to us?  I am only little and I have never been here before. I'm worried that if I try to push my way upwards through the hard soil I may damage my delicate shoots. And who knows what lies deeper beneath us waiting for my roots should I send them down there. And what about when I blossom? What if a snail tries to eat me or if somebody tries to pick me? Oh no, it is far, far too dangerous out there for me. No, the safest and best plan for me is just to stay, curled up, all nice and warm and safe in here. That's what I shall do. I'll wait until it's a bit safer. I'll be fine."

"That is you choice."

Said the other seed.

"But my dream is to rise up from here, to grow, to blossom, to see the world.  I'm going to push and push my way up through this soil, taking all of its goodness as I go. I'm going to try and try until I finally burst through, up into the clean, fresh air. Until I can feel the warmth of the sun on my beautiful buds, which I shall unfurl until they spring into full, fragrant, pink blossom.  Bees will drink from my sweet petals and lovers will smile as they pass me. And I shall be kept safe by my strong roots, bedded deep, deep below the earth, solid and secure. I shall feed off the rich, bountiful soil and drink from the refreshing, spring rain. I shall dance in the breeze and gaze at the moon.  It may not be easy getting there but, my, will it be worth it."

And so, up and up and up she grew.

While the first seed sat, and waited, alone. In the dark.

One situation. Two points of view. Which seed are you?


  1. That was such a beautiful post... thank you!! Right now I feel exactly like the first seed who was too scared and waited, alone,in the dark. And now after 40 years, she's realized how wrong she was and is wondering... is it too late to grow up and see the world that lies beyond this hard soil... I do hope not!!

  2. It's never too late. Scary, yes, but not too late. No time like the present to take that first step. Good luck, and enjoy!


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