Tuesday 15 January 2013

I am...

It struck me today that I don't know how to talk about myself any more.

Bit of a blow that one.

I went to a Phoenix Traders meeting. So for the first time in a while was meeting new people who knew nothing of me other than I had signed up to be a trader and I realised half way through the day that I really didn't know who I was in the context of the people in the room.

In media I was 'in media'. As Head of Learning and Development, I was 'in L&D', on a happiness weekend I'm interested in the science of happiness etc.

One of my earliest blog posts was called "who are you?" and was all about how you talk about yourself and your place in the world and how most people probably talk about themselves in terms of the job they do, or their children or something.

Turns out it's very noticeable that this is the case when not only do you not have children, but now you have no job either and no common cause uniting you with everybody else in the room (other than flogging cards).

I was a bit disappointed to realise that I've tended to identify myself either by my ties or differences to others before and now, in this weird uppy downy limbo land, I'm a bit lost at sea.

So, really, I don't actually want to know who I am in the context of the other people in the room...I should be able to talk about myself quite freely in the context of me, myself and I.

So, I'm going to make a concerted effort to get my 'story' straight. I don't have to have all the answers, the story could be "I'm taking some time out to consider my next move". But whatever it is, I should at least have considered it ready for the next time somebody asks.  I don't mean interview type stuff, I mean normal, human, day to day interaction type stuff.

For that I'm going to go back and follow my own advice and have a good old think about my answer to the questions "who are you and what do you do?"

But first I need to get the dinner on...because right now I'm a wife and head chef to one hungry husband.

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