Monday 12 August 2013

Love the silly

Life can be SO serious some times.  And sometimes rightly so.

But other times, it's much better just to be silly. To lighten the mood. To let off steam.  To be a bit playful.

I can take things as super seriously as the next person, maybe more so, when I need to.  But I also can't help being very very silly when it suits too.

I can't imagine a day without a silly walk or two, a daft face pulled, a hearty giggle, an innuendo.

Humour and silliness can be such a good venting tool.  I remember some really god awful meetings where there was such tension in the air, all totally released as soon as somebody made a light hearted quip.  It's like a balloon being popped.  If my team didn't have a laugh as well as get the job done, if we couldn't see the funny side in the drudgery, if we didn't laugh at ourselves, well then I wasn't doing my job as a manager properly.

And the same at home.  There are bills, housework, chores, sometimes arguments. We've all got our fair share of problems.  But I love that we also behave like a pair of demented monkeys at the zoo; like children let loose in a toy shop; like very very silly people and not at all like fully grown adult people who should know better a LOT of the time.

We make up stupid words for things. We show off with daft dancing and prancing about. We play silly games.

We play.

Like joy, awe and delight and other things I've been talking about recently, children do all of these things naturally. Children's natural instincts is to play, freely, without direction and for absolutely no other reason than to have fun. They don't even need to let their guards down, they have no guard up. They are relaxed and un-bothered by life and free to play to their hearts content.

But actually, in the process they are learning and developing and growing as people all the while.

And we could learn a lot from that.

So next time things are getting a bit heavy, sod it, throw caution to the wind, call on your inner child and get
your playful on. Have a pillow fight, jump up and down on the bed, turn the music up and dance like a nutter, blow a raspberry, swing in the park.

Who cares what it is, just get rid of that guard, let off some steam and play.

For the pure heck of it.

For fun.

Because it's good for you.

And that's good for other people too.

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