Saturday 10 August 2013

Joyful Joyful we adore thee

Another day into Happiness Happens Month, another blog post.

I've tried not to be too prescriptive about which of the happiness states I'm going to write about it until it happens. Rather than force it, I've waited to see what inspires me.

And today, spending time with our little nephew has inspired me to write about the type of  happiness The Secret Society of Happy people describe as 'joyful'.

Yesterday, when talking about awe, it struck me that babies naturally experience everything with awe and amazement.  Everything seems wonderful and magical to babies.  Everything is shiny and new.

Babies find joy in places we no longer even look.

And having both thought and written about this yesterday, today I watched it first hand.

Our nephew, little Thomas, bubbles with wonder and joy. All day.  Actually, speaking of bubbles, he finds them pretty special too.

But what was even more special than watching Thomas bubble with joy, was watching his joy bubble over onto everybody else. If Thomas finds something funny, everybody finds it funny. If Thomas is enthralled by a butterfly, we're all enthralled with Thomas. There is no need for chat, or TV or any other means of passing the time other than experiencing Thomas experiencing life for the first time.

Eyes alight, smiles and chuckles, belly laughs and silly faces.  Surely joy has to be the most contagious type of happiness there is?

Or as Shakespeare put it, "joy delights in joy".

Well it certainly did today.  We were all joyful joyful, and Thomas, we adore thee.

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