Friday 5 October 2012

*contented sigh*


I just decided to come and say, today I feel 'happy'.

I've been bonkers busy at work, I've hurt my ankle, I've only just got in from London (it's 9pm) and I'm exhausted and I haven't had any dinner yet

But I'm happy.

Because being busy at work has given me an opportunity to get stuck in, get achieving and show what I'm made of.

Because my ankle only hurts after I put it through its paces at Bokwa and Tai Chi, and then ran for a train...which I made and got a seat on.

I may be only just back from London now, but because I've been at hypnotherapy which was enlightening.

I'm exhausted, but fulfilled and content and excited about what comes next.

And who cares if I haven't had any dinner, yet or at all. There'll be more food tomorrow.

And besides, Strictly in on, the PJs are on, and Alex is by my side.

I repeat. *contented sigh*.

Bring on tomorrow.

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