Friday 26 October 2012

Chatting happy

It may be the name of my blog, but its also what I'll be doing for an entire weekend this weekend for right now I'm on the second ever 'Happiness Weekend' run by The Happiness Consultancy held at the beautiful Wellington College in Crowthorne.

I'd been faffing about trying to decide whether or not to come for ages until one day I mentioned it at work and within 30 seconds they had booked me on, with a request that I come back and tell them all about it. So that was that decision made.

Having had a busy rushy week I wasn't sure how much I was looking forward to it. I'd seen the schedule and its full, 8am til 9.30pm every day and then straight back to work. But this morning I just decided to flick on my happy switch early and get excited about what was to come. About meeting new people and learning new things. Not to mention being somewhere as beautiful as Wellington College.

And so far it hasn't disappointed. Everyone's lovely, it's all really relaxed. It's going to be energising, not tiring. And the best bit? I spotted some amazing toadstools in the grounds on the way in!

If I'm honest what they're saying so far is nothing I didn't know before. But it's good to be reminded of what you know, to hear how other people talk about it. To come up with new angles and ideas myself.

It struck me earlier that a few years ago the whole prospect of a weekend like this would have filled me with horror: going somewhere new, by myself, being faced with a bunch of strangers, who you're stuck with for 3 days. But I realised a few hours ago that none of that had even crossed my mind this time. I'd just done it. Something that would have been hard before I now thought nothing of. In fact part of my excitement earlier was at that very prospect of meeting new people, making new contacts, hearing new stories, going on an adventure by myself. How's that for a turn around?

Regardless of anything else I may or may not learn this weekend, I'm glad I've learnt that about myself. That new revelation in itself has made me very happy.

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