Friday 16 March 2012


Every bit of science, and every bit of non-science I have read about happiness lists friends as a key ingredient.  Surrounding ourselves with close friends makes us more happy. Fact.

In fact I would say that you don't even have to 'surround' yourself with them. Neither in number nor in proximity. But having a handful of really good friends, you know the sort, you know the old analogy about radiators and drains? We're talking radiators here. Just having these friends in your life,  and knowing that they are there, and they you.That's all it takes.

And I can prove it.

I can prove it with two little things that have happened to me this week.

I had a best friend at primary school. As we all did. But we grew up and life happened and we lost touch. But then through the wonder of facebook we found each other again a few years ago. And I delight in every status update, revelation of shared passion, and 'like' we share as I realise more and more that despite not having seen each other for more years than I care to count, we are still what I would consider 'friends'. And even better? Having recently moved to the States she will soon be back home visiting the town we both grew up in, and we're going to meet for a cup of tea. And I can't wait. Ok, a teeny weeny part of me is a bit nervous or something, but the other 99.999% is just really excited! I just think it's really nice.  So, our relationship has been neither close in terms of actual geography, nor in terms of frequency of meeting, but it makes me smile and it makes me happy nonetheless.

Lovely Lucy with lovely Leo
And then today I met a friend for lunch. A friend I haven't seen for about 7 months while she's been off to have a baby, but we slotted back in as if we'd seen each other every single day of those 7 months. We had both been really looking forward to meeting and were both genuinely delighted to see each other. And truly interested in each other, to hear each others news and views. We nattered and chatted about this and that, about big things and little things and about nothing in particular. It really was truly lovely to see her, to spend time together and to watch her being so relaxed and happy and joyful with her baby, and it's so nice to be able to just relax and be 'me' too.

These little things are really important, and I'm truly grateful for them.

And in pondering this post I'm also reminded of all the little things my close girl friends have done for me over the years, whether it be sending me flowers when I'm poorly, or clubbing together to whisk me off to a spa to when I'm down, or give me a cuddle when they know I'm trying to be brave about saying goodbye to my mum in Dubai...not to mention being in Dubai with me for my hen do in the first place.

And I'm grateful for all of these things too, and more besides.

So you see, it is true. Friends make you happy, fact. But I think that realising this, really being aware of it, not taking them for granted but instead being truly thankful not just for every little thing they do, but also for just being there at all, makes you even happier. Thank you.

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